Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian


Ultra Petty. Ultra Real. The focus is usually always on how women create so much “baby mama drama” and how women “trap” certain men to have babies. I am a living witness that men can create “baby daddy” drama.  They can get all in their emotions and purposely publicly lie on you to project a negative image of you as the mother of their kid (s).

Rob Kardashian is shaming Blac Chyna in hopes of turning the public’s perception against her as a mom and woman. There is nothing worse than someone telling lies on you because they are hurt by what has happened in the relationship. I am also guilty of publicly telling what happened in our relationship but I wrote a book with the intention of helping other men and women going through similar situations. I never lied because there was nothing to lie about it was a lot of pain and hurt that I needed to express to help others.  I spoke to the Washington City Paper, Channel 5 news was going to come to my place in Alexandria, Va and my sister sent an email to The Washington Post about everything but at the last minute I decided I didn’t want to intentionally hurt him so I asked them not to  publish the stories. I was also contacted a couple of years ago by  a former D.C Councilmember’s Chief Of Staff who was trying to use me to get information on him. I was also contacted by someone who works with Mayor Bowser to try and get information on him but I wasn’t about to use my issues with him to satisfy their personal beefs. I am not judging Blac Chyna nor Rob because many of us can relate to these issues.

Of course people are people.  At the heart of this it’s about hurt, pain, and conflict resolution which we all can relate too.  Rob could be telling the truth and he could also be lying. At the end of the day even though they are rich celebrities they are still people and their children will eventually read about this. We usually grow through our painful situations so in my opinion it’s not a “bad” thing.  I can attest that everything happens for a reason and many times what is a bad situation can turn out to begin a process of healing.

I hope on both sides that they are able to grow and then grow some more through this.

The world is watching so I know some folks have their popcorn ready to watch this saga continue. Let’s keep it real all most people have to do is get the popcorn out for their saga or their relative’s saga.

Ultra Petty. Ultra Real

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Be You

Be You

Be Smart

Be Sexy

Don’t Be too Serious

Don’t Be Ghetto Fabulous

Don’t talk about your degree (s), so others won’t be intimidated

Don’t recognize your own beauty

Don’t speak highly of yourself around men…..let them talk more about themselves

Don’t dress like a ho/slut/freak

Don’t Be too conservative

Wait to get married

Don’t look too Afrocentric

Wear your natural hair

Why do you wear your natural hair?

Who do you think you are

Why do you wear makeup? You don’t need it.

My blog will be about women being themselves..

The Good, The Bad, The Mom, The Career Woman, The Arm Candy,  The Quirky, The Athlete, The Diva, The Brainiac, The Drama Queen…and everything in between.

Welcome to the world of Keysia Star

Be You!